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maly moccasin in salt

maly moccasin in salt

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 Soft, comfortable shoes for babies. Hand made of natural sheepskin with fluffy wool inside. Easy to put on. Perfect for little feet.

Meticulously handcrafted in the picturesque Tatra Mountains.  The artistry behind these slippers is remarkable and carry a rich heritage within their very fibers.

Wonderfully soft and fluffy on the inside children’s shoes made of natural, suede sheepskin. The shoes are very warm. Natural sheepskin provides thermal comfort and good air circulation, thanks to which your child’s feet do not become cold or overheat. Suitable for both boys and girls. The shoes are ideal for winter walks, when your child spends a long time in a baby carriage. Children love them, for the shoes fit the shape of the feet, they don’t constrict and they allow free movement for the feet and toes. Parents appreciate them because they look great with winter suits, and they can be easily put on and taken off.

Handmade in Poland.


Materials:  100% genuine leather sheeps wool 

Garment Care

To keep the piece looking it's best we recommend only washing in cold water and never tumble drying. 

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