about us

Kindly the label

Founded in 2018 by mama of eight, Lois.

Kindly The Label came to fruition based on a vision of a children's clothing brand in harmony with nature. A celebration of childhood, an ode to innocence. All made with natural fibres.

Lois has always been drawn to organic textures and silhouettes, something you'll recognize in her designs.

Kindly her/him

Launched in 2020 by our very own Norwegian import, Lise. Lise's designs are a love letter to her homeland, the beautiful coastal city of Bergen, Norway; a City surrounded by raw landscapes, a place where they dance in the rain and bathe in the fjords. Where they live fiercely and without reserve.

The Kindly Her/Him collections reflect this freedom and celebration of humanity with versatile pieces intended to be worn in comfort by all.

You are the very fabric of inspiration behind one of your favourite brands.

Morning Dip

Our third resident brand came into inauguration early 2021. This feminine powerhouse of a brand was created by the talented Sydnie Schapf.

The inspiration behind Morning Dip is to capture the essence of the modern woman, the early riser, the go-getter, the beach babe, the trendsetter.

With an emphasis on accommodating to all body types.

Keeping consistent with Kindly's values, Morning Dip uses natural fibres with modern textures and silhouettes to bring you vibes of the place you’d rather be.