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high top canvas shoe

high top canvas shoe

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These super cute unisex shoes are so lightweight, with a canvas upper and soft flexible sole.  The side zipper is for easy on and off.  

We have been looking for a few years for shoes that fit our brand aesthetic and quality. When we found these canvas shoes that fit our color pallet we were delighted. Not only are they a very cute shape but they are so kid friendly with easy on and off, just so light weight and soft flexible soles. We tested them on my grandson and he has been wearing them for a year now - and we are genuinely happy with the quality so we decided to bring this little curated collection of footwear to you. They do not have kindly branding on them but they sure have our stamp of approval.

Brand:  KKL shoes since 1976


100% cotton 


Garment Care

To keep the piece looking it's best we recommend only washing in cold water and never tumble drying. 

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