imperfect mystery bundles

imperfect mystery bundles

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There are three items per pile. (this may include one accessory) 


Pieces in these bundles are mildly faulty - then may either have been mis tagged, have a small mark on the clothing,  or missing some stiching or a tiny hole.  If you are handy with the needle and thread, or have a grandma that loves to mend this might be the package for you.  : )


We have put together some super cute piles which will be a surprise for you and give a little extra fun when opening your KINDLY mail.  We have made them according to size and gender.   These may be a mix of summer and winter pieces.  It is also possible that some pieces added in will be labeled as "fieldday" - which we were formerly known as.  

All sales are final. 


lots of love from the crew at Kindly. Xx